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Reiki Healing

It is a healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress, depression & anxiety and pain management. 
Why you should consider taking REIKI healing?
o    Negative Energy Cord Cutting 
o    Evil Eye
o    Black Magic Effects
o    Childhood trauma
o    Past Life trauma
o    Unhealthy habits and patterns
o    Any kind of Fear  (known or the Unknown) or Fobia 
o    Low Confidence
o    Overthinking pattern, Insomnia, Stress
o    Indecisiveness 
o    Helps you in coming out of a heart break/Trauma of losing someone (death)
o    Aura Cleansing to attract abundance which you deserve
o    7 Chakra balancing
o    Releasing of Energy Blockages because of Disappointments in Life


REIKI takes a non-invasive approach to energy transfer that is extremely effective in promoting overall wellness. It restores balance across the mind, body and spirit which helps in leading positive lifestyle.
People suffering from various ailments can be benefited from the sessions as it helps in being in meditative state, fosters tissue and bone healing after injury or surgery, stimulates the body's immune system promoting self-healing and relieving pain and tension.
Not only physical but emotional healing can also be obtained from REIKI.

What you will experience after the healing sessions -
•    Relaxed body and mind.
•    Increased overall energy.
•    Relieves stress and anxiety.
•    Ease in pain and discomfort.
•    Gives mental clarity.
•    Provides feeling of calmness.
•    Improved sleeping patterns.
•    Enhanced spiritual connection.
•    Speedy recovery from injuries.
•    Self worth
•    Peace
•    Harmony in relationships
•    Attract good health and wealth


It is helpful as a support system for the wellbeing of people receiving traditional medical treatments such as chemotherapy, radiations, surgery and kidney dialysis. It compliments the medical treatments and can increase the efficiency of the treatment given.
Studies also show that REIKI healing may create feelings of peace, relaxation, security and wellness.
It is important to note that REIKI does not target one particular problem but rather targets evrything at once giving soothing effect on the seekers when in distress. REIKI differs from other touch therapies as it can be beautifully done online and the benefits remains the same.
Hopefully this may feed the curiosity of everyone who is needs healing and seeks comfort as REIKI is answer to almost everything .


REIKI Healing For Students during exams :
Lets look at all the benefits you can get with Reiki healing during exams :
•    Decrease mental stress : Anyone who is going to attend an examination may face some mental stress. This mental stress may affect in the preparation for the examination. Reiki healing will help you to get a peaceful and stress free mind to boost your examination preparation.
•    Decrease your fear of examination : Some students are liable to get a little bit of fear before the examination. Fear decreases your confidence level and all other abilities of your brain. Reiki healing will remove fear from the students mind and energizes the mind.
•    Improve your concentration : This is the common problem with maximum number of students. If you are also suffering from lack of concentration then, Reiki healing will help you to overcome this barrier. You can make yourself free from all the unwanted thoughts and can improve your concentration and totally focus on study.
•    Improve your Memory : Memory power is essential. Some students are suffering from memory loss. Brain or encephalon is the main organ of your body responsible for your memory. You can activate your brain for a better memory power through Reiki healing.
•    Improve your logical thinking : During examination preparation, piles of pressure and tension affect your mental ability. These factors decrease your capacity to think coherently. Reiki healing will improve your logical thinking, creativity and writing for better performance in examination.
•    Increasing your self-confidence : Some students need more confidence on their ability to get success in the examination. An inferiority feeling comes up when in stressed situation. This might be due to their past experiences, which is stored in their subconscious mind. Reiki healing symbols can help to improve self-confidence to face the examination.
Reiki is not only meant for the ailing people rather it is also for the healthy people to acquire goals, positive states, good qualities and all round prosperity. It can maintain the health condition of the healthy person and help him to achieve all the imagined goals. If you want to get success in examinations or interviews, you can come for Reiki healing sessions. 


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